I am a business owner and I was paying more on my water bills than I should have been


I am a business owner who has been experiencing several issues in relation to my water bills.  The complaint centres on the location of the meters serving four outlets within the premises.  This has resulted in a large bill of almost £3,500.  To make matters worse, there has been a leak at one of the meters but due to the mix-up in meter locations this was not identified sooner. Despite liaising with NI Water we have been unable to reach a satisfactory resolution and we then phoned the Consumer Council.


Consumer Council investigated the complaint and contacted NI Water. NI Water acknowledged:

  • Their records were incorrect;
  • They had not made the business aware of the existence of the meter until 25 June 2014; and
  • They had given the business incorrect information and that this had contributed to the consumption registered through the meter.

NI Water took revised readings and reduced the balance on their combined accounts by £2500.