The 'Water Champion' award has been developed with the support of Invest NI and NI Water.

Water costs can be between one and two per cent of a company’s turnover.  Savings of between 30 and 50 per cent can be achieved by installing no cost or investing in low cost water reduction practices and technologies.

We have produced guides "Every Drop Counts - Business" and "Every Drop Counts - Agricultural" to help businesses and farms improve their water efficiency, get the best service and save money on their bills.

    Who can take part?

    Public and private organisations, farms, the self employed and schools are welcome to apply.  Entry is easy and it's free.

      How can my business qualify for the Water Champion Award?

      Review your business’s water use and look at ways you can save water and make sure your bills are correct.  Contact us and tell us about how you saved water or money on your bills and we will give you a certificate and a Water Champion logo for your website.

      Here are some quick tips on being a Water Champion:

      1. Keep regular meter reads and monitor your usage.
      2. Check your bills and make sure they are up to date and accurate.
      3. Speak to your staff about implementing water efficiency measures.  Consider appointing a member of staff to monitor water usage.
      4. Check for leaks and ensure your pipes are well insulated against frost.  Remember that any leakage from private pipes will be billed to you or your company.

      How do I apply?

      See our leaflet here which will give you more information on Water Champions.

      You can apply by filling in this form and sending it back to us by post or email. (NB: Form is a PDF file which can be edited when downloaded)

      You can contact us through our freephone helpline on 0800 121 6022, by post, on our website or through our dedicated email [email protected].  We would like to hear about how much you have saved and any new ideas you have applied that might help other water users.

      How will becoming a Water Champion benefit me or my business?

      As well as saving money all entrants will receive a Water Champion certificate and the Consumer Council will either notify local press about winners or promote via social media.

      My business is not metered.  Can I still apply?

      Even if you are not a metered customer you can still apply.  By reducing your usage you are still making a contribution to the environment.  You can also check your bills and make sure you are getting the correct allowances and make sure the unmetered charge you are paying is the right one for your business.  See our page on ‘Charging’ for more information.

      What happens with my business/farm or organisation's details?

      We won’t pass your details on to any third party without your permission.

      Can the Consumer Council offer advice on water efficiency practices in my business?

      The Consumer Council can provide general advice on water efficiency for your business.  If you need more detailed information, contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

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