Water Issues

This section includes information on how to improve your water efficiency and save money on your bills.

Be a Water Champion

The Consumer Council, with the support of Invest NI and NI Water, has developed the ‘Water Champions’ award.  This award is aimed at helping businesses, farms and schools improve water efficiency and save money on bills.

Each successful entrant will receive a water champion certificate and award logo for their website.

We have produced guides "Every Drop Counts - Business" and "Every Drop Counts - Agricultural" to help businesses and farms improve their water efficiency, get the best service and save money on their bills.

To find out how to enter look at our Water Champions page.

Water Charges for Businesses

All non-domestic consumers who are connected to the public water and sewerage system must pay charges for these services. The charges are set out in NI Water's Scheme of Charges which is reviewed annually.

Do you know how to read your water bill? See our helpful Business Water Bill infomation leaflet.

For a breakdown of all the water charges businesses face, look at our Charging page.

Using Water Efficiently

Water costs can be between 1-2% of a company’s turnover.  Savings between 30-50% can be achieved by installing no cost or investing in low cost water reduction practices and technologies.

Water Saving Tips for Businesses and Farms:

  • Monitor your usage: If you are a metered customer, keep a regular log of the water going through your meter.  This will help you to keep an eye on your usage and help notice any leaks.
  • Check your bills: Make sure you are getting the correct allowances, and that your usage looks right. Contact NI Water with any queries.
  • Regularly check your pipes and fittings: Check for leaks and ensure your pipes are well insulated against frost.  Take note: any leakage from private pipes will be billed to you or your company.
  • Educate staff: Speak to staff about implementing water efficiency measures. Consider appointing a member of staff to monitor water usage.
  • Know where your supply pipes and shut off valves are: Shut off water to unused areas of your premises to stop waste from leaks or unmonitored usage.

Useful Water Links

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Utility Regulator - www.uregni.gov.uk
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Drinking Water Inspectorate - www.daera-ni.gov.uk/topics/water/drinking-water
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