Customer Care

Customer Care is an important service provided by all businesses.

What is Customer Care?

Customer Care is how a business looks after its customers.  This includes everything from the moment a customer makes contact with or enters your business; at point of sale; during the provision of a service and after sales care.

Why is it important?

Consumers are more aware of their entitlement to high standards of customer care.  When deciding where to purchase goods and services, good customer service can often be as important as pricing, location and range of choice.

A happy customer is more likely to become a loyal customer, willing to recommend your business to friends and family.

Improving Customer Care

In the following sections we offer a guide to:

  • presenting the right image
  • customer care: principles and practice
  • handling customer complaints
  • refunds, complaints and customer care policies
  • staff awareness and training
  • sources of help with complaint handling

Understanding your customers’ needs

Understanding the needs and wants of your customer are an essential part of providing good customer care.  This section provides information and additional sources of guidance relating to:

  • consumers with a disability
  • consumers from ethnic and minority groups
  • older consumers
  • young consumers

Presenting the right image

Research has shown that it takes just four minutes for a customer to form a lasting impression about your business.

How their telephone call is answered; how staff greet and acknowledge them or what the customer sees or hears whilst waiting in reception will influence their opinion about your business.

A customer-focused business will:

Making the customer feel valued:

Above all, WANT to help. If you want to you will!